Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pilgrim Pronouns

We will be spending the next two weeks learning about PRONOUNS! Take a look at what we have been up to and how you can help your child at home!

We practiced our pronouns while giving one of the pilgrims (there was a girl pilgrim, boy pilgrim, and a group of pilgrims) some food. Each child picked a piece of food and chose which pilgrim to give it to. Before giving the pilgrim the food, each student had to practice their pronouns. For example, some students pointed to “he” or “she.” Others imitated a sentence such as “he is eating corn.” Some students made up their own sentences such as “she loves turkey. This is a wonderful activity from Speech Time Fun's blog and can be downloaded for free here. 

Pronouns we are Learning
She, He, They
His, Her, Them
I, Me, My, Mine
We, Us, Ours
Herself, Himself
You, Yours

Each child is at a different stage of development in their understanding and use of pronouns. Pronouns such as “she, he, and they”and “her, him, and them” are common pronouns children are learning at the preschool age. Some of the common errors children make are substituting "her"/she, "him"/he and "them"/they. Here are some basic steps for teaching pronouns 'she, he, and they':

1. Identify: Boy vs Girl vs Group (2 or more people). Have your child point to each picture as you say these.

2. Make Associations: Use visuals/pictures to help

Boy = He Girl = She Group = They

3. Imitate: short sentences using “he, she, and they”

Ex: She is sitting Ex: They are eating

4. Practice: use“he, she, they” to describe pictures

5. Ask Questions: Tell your child something like, “Dad went to the store”. Then ask, “Who went the store?” (He did)

*Use the same steps to teach other pronouns such as“they, his, her”

Try it at home!
   Read a book! Discuss the pictures in the book. Have your child identify the boy and/or girl in the picture and/or imitate a short sentence about the picture. Describe what the people are doing using pronouns. Or download the activity we used in class from Miss Speechie's blog! [[Pilgrim Pronouns]]

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